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Posts published in February 2021

What makes for a good Acceptance Criteria in Agile Projects?

Vladimir Simonovski

Many organizations today are clearly focusing on having often software releases to the client. Even though the software is with reduced functionality, it is still available early in the development lifecycle and has a time-to-market advantage. Usually, the organizations are following the agile way using SCRUM for delivering software where every functionality is captured by writing user stories in a collaborative way between the members of the team. For the user story to be fully developed, tested, and integrated with…

How to perform cross-browser testing using the powerful BrowserStack?

Vladimir Simonovski

What is cross-browser testing? As the name says it all, cross-browser testing is a form of non-functional testing where we test the application on a different browser to confirm if any UI elements on the application are affected by the browser itself. This type of testing is important for applications that need to be tested on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, etc. How do you perform cross browser testing of your site? Cross-browser testing is an activity…

How to run visual regression tests using BackstopJS in 5 simple steps?

Vladimir Simonovski

Visual regression tests or visual testing is an activity performed by the testers to compare different versions of the screenshots taken from the application. A typical visual test would look like this: Take a screenshot of the application you are testing Save the screenshot and set it as a baseline Deploy the newest application version of the UI Open the application where you took the screenshot and compare it with the older screenshot If there are changes, save the newest…