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Posts tagged as “Testing”

Top 10 Automation Tools 2020

Vladimir Simonovski

In this era of speed, the demand to release quality software requires a successful agile approach. And to perform this, the best automation tools or software testing tools are to be required.  As these automation tools are a crucial component in applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for more advanced test optimization.  The top 10 Automation tools List So without further ado, we present you with the best software testing tools available in the market. Selenium In the world of…

The essential importance of a QA engineer in large scale projects

Vladimir Simonovski

For any development team, there is a phase, where it becomes quite hectic to maintain the quality standard for a software project. This may be due to the fact that nobody wants to have software with any sort of defects.¬†And instead of letting the consumers flood the feedback base with a lot of bug reports. It is better to get a software tester or a QA engineer on your team to carry out all the tasks related to Software Quality…