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ISTQB Podcasts & Webinars

ISTQB Podcasts

ISTQB Podcasts & Webinars: The preferred way of gathering knowledge!

Here you can watch and listen to all the ISTQB podcasts and webinars provided by ASTQB.

Some topics will give you comprehensive information for your testing that will benefit your career if you are starting now or you just want to expand your knowledge to a wider range.

Dive into the pool of quality information provided by the world-renowned experts in the field by signing up and listen to the podcasts. You can find a variety of different topics like:

  • security testing in-depth explanations
  • steps to becoming a better test manager
  • security testing in-depth explanations
  • going into details of all certification syllabus
  • model-based software testing
  • going into deeper talks regarding the API testing and its future

If webinars are what you like the most then the link below gives you just that. You can watch many live presentations, examples, demos and more! Here are some of the topics provided:

  • exit and entry criteria
  • advanced security talks
  • diffs between TDD and BDD
  • agile vs waterfall model

Maybe you already starting to get motivated by this software branch and want to know more.

I suggest reading the necessary materials that can be a very good starting point for your career.

After you gather basic knowledge, try answering real exam training questions to practice what you have learned.

You’re probably confident that you know a good part of the testing basics or advanced stuff by now and if so, then you are ready for a certificate for foundation, advanced, or expert-level depending on your skill level.

Looking forward to your input. If you know more podcasts or webinars feel free to share them in the comments below or email me at [email protected]. If you like this page share it / like it!

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