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Software Testing Books

Are you looking for good software testing books to read and upgrade your knowledge? Or you just a non-IT guy who maybe looks to step into this branch and see how it is?

Well, either way, I got you covered. I have researched and hand-picked the most notable books that I think are important for a tester, QA, or automation engineer.

Here is my list of software testing and QA books that I would recommend. Expand your views and therefore brush your knowledge & skills in the software testing field.

These books are one of the highest-ranked available and they are important for every tester.

In short, you can find from how to become a better tester, best practices, how to use the best QA tools, agile testing, basics of software testing, learning selenium, automation testing, testing with JMeter, in-depth analysts on functional testing, and testing in SCRUM.

Don’t forget that there are many syllables or glossaries provided by ISTQB that are important as well and will show you the most important aspects of testing whether you are a beginner or advanced in this field. So, go check them out!

These are my picks. Tell me what are your picks? I look forward to your input on this and of course if you know other books that you want to share, feel free to leave a comment here or email me at [email protected]. If you like this page share it / like it!

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