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Software testing is constantly changing and evolving, and so does all the tools designed for that purpose.

We’re going to talk about QA tools, their importance, what they can do, are they easy to learn. Later, you will see the hand-picked tools that I recommend to any software tester.

The demand for delivering quality software products is growing. Requirements to test a software product are more complex, many criteria need to be met. That’s why new tools must be integrated into our projects since they determine how well our product is tested.

Yes we have software testing books to teach us how to become better testers or how to use a tool, but that’s just in theory.

Benefits of learning the tool

By start using one of the QA tools we gain that first impression and practical knowledge. It may be tricky and hard at the beginning especially for those with no scripting experience but after you master most of the tool’s features and you learn it’s flow and how it works, can it be integrated, automated, etc then you’re going to say that it’s pretty straightforward. So, give it time, learn, and be patient.

The benefits that we have today by using them are enormous. We have tools that are easy to configure and easy to use, we have automation, where the manual repetitive work is reduced, we have integration tools that allow the implementation of continuous delivery, in other words, all the steps needed to be executed as part of the testing process to ensure a quality product, and of course comprehensive reporting from test execution.

The tools

Below I hand-picked some of my favorite QA tools.

You can find pretty much every tool you need in order to cover as many testing activities as you can:

These are my picks. If you have any other suggestions or you want to discuss your experience with these tools, feel free to reply to this page or email me at [email protected]. If you like this page share it / like it!

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