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Posts tagged as “Automation Strategy”

What Are The Top 9 Challenges In Test Automation?

Vladimir Simonovski

To have a high-quality stable product you need to have effective test automation depending on your test strategy. It is a big plus on the productivity of the project when done correctly. Considering the scope you have for covering as many cases as you possibly can, you need to focus on how can automation testing be performed correctly, what are the constraints, dependencies, and challenges. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the top 9 challenges in…

How to achieve a successful GIT branching automation strategy

Vladimir Simonovski

The most important elements of a software project are people’s creativity, strategies agreed, and support for tools. The right people need to be involved in automation, strategies need to be discussed and agreed, tools for automation and branching support needs to be chosen. Also, team coordination on how the automation framework should be structured to fulfill the end goal of the organization is important. Today we’re going to focus on one important aspect which is the branching support. We are…