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Posts published in “How to’s”

Introducing Exploratory Testing: Definition, How-To, Pros and Cons

Vladimir Simonovski

What is Exploratory Testing? Exploratory testing is an approach that focuses on testing the software on the go instead of creating predefined test cases before test execution. It is a form of testing that is generally used across all agile development projects. Often, this type of testing is combined with experience-based testing techniques since the agile tester should have solid technical and business domain knowledge. In exploratory testing, test design and test execution happen at the same time and are…

How to perform cross-browser testing using the powerful BrowserStack?

Vladimir Simonovski

What is cross-browser testing? As the name says it all, cross-browser testing is a form of non-functional testing where we test the application on a different browser to confirm if any UI elements on the application are affected by the browser itself. This type of testing is important for applications that need to be tested on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, etc. How do you perform cross browser testing of your site? Cross-browser testing is an activity…

How to run visual regression tests using BackstopJS in 5 simple steps?

Vladimir Simonovski

Visual regression tests or visual testing is an activity performed by the testers to compare different versions of the screenshots taken from the application. A typical visual test would look like this: Take a screenshot of the application you are testing Save the screenshot and set it as a baseline Deploy the newest application version of the UI Open the application where you took the screenshot and compare it with the older screenshot If there are changes, save the newest…

How to achieve greater code Readability & Reusability with Page Object Model?

Vladimir Simonovski

Having automated tests in a software project is essential to confirm the working functionality but also find bugs quickly. This happens early in the development lifecycle for example if a new feature is being developed, testers or developers can run their regression tests in order to find potential bugs or irregularities in that particular feature. Larger the number of automated tests covering all the possible causes, the smaller the chance of discovering bugs late in development which would be very…

How to write an easy-to-understand bug report in software testing?

Vladimir Simonovski

Nowadays, software test engineers are in a constant need to improve the software they are testing so that it can enhance their test effectiveness and increase their confidence in the system overall. In order to do that, they test the software to validate its functionalities and find bugs. Finding a bug may sound pretty straightforward in some cases, but that doesn’t mean reporting it effectively should also be a quick job. A good bug report is of utmost importance to…