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For any development team, there is a phase, where it becomes quite hectic to maintain the quality standard for a software project. This may be due to the fact that nobody wants to have software with any sort of defects. And instead of letting the consumers flood the feedback base with a lot of bug reports. It is better to get a software tester or a QA engineer on your team to carry out all the tasks related to Software Quality Assurance.

What is Software Quality Assurance?

It’s an activity that includes the tester to interact with the developers, designers, product managers, support, clients marketing, and end-users. It is the software tester’s duty to give information regarding the quality of the product and all its shortcomings and risk. This allows the investors to make a more informed decision with the product regarding its release hence making the product more reliable until it gets released.

The importance of a QA Engineer in large scale projects

On large scale projects, where a lot of money is being invested, it is a wise decision to hire a software tester or a QA engineer that has enough experience to learn about the application’s behavior and can expose any sort of problems of the software and report it back to the team.

If your team doesn’t have a QA Engineer, then that puts a doubt on the quality of the product. It’s like taking a 50-50 chance on a developer’s only software project and if all goes well, then it’s all great, but if not, then it will eat up your business with a bunch of low ratings, poor reviews with a very buggy and unreliable product. In the end, you will lose your clients and still won’t know about the area of issues.

Hiring a QA Engineer will not only help you to solve all the issues but will also help you find the core problems. Because in any project be it large or small, a software tester or QA engineer needs to evenly co-ordinate the necessary requirements like shit-left testing, test-driven development, DevOps, and so on. In addition to this, they also help to coach the developers to implement an agile test approach correctly by collaborating and communicating with them. The end result is a positive change in the whole development phase of the software project. And a better and fruitful result for the whole product.

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