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If you like finding bugs and improving the functionality of the software, it makes a lot of sense to become a software tester. It’s an interesting career and one that can be very fruitful. Yes, it has its fair share of challenges, but becoming a software tester will help you immensely. You will bring the project to fruition and ensure that the customer has a very good experience. How can you become a software tester? Here are the things you need to focus on.

Skills and certifications

The best software tester needs to have a lot of knowledge regarding all levels of software testing. He also needs to be fluent in most operating systems such as Linux, Unix, and Windows, a multi-tasker, perfect communicator. He also needs to know a vast range of programming languages. Plus, he should be able to create tests, either in an automated or in a manual way very easily. When it comes to certifications, you need the CSTE and the ISTQB certified tester certification. Some companies will ask just for one, but it’s better to have both.

Enter an internship program

It’s important to accumulate some knowledge in the field the best way that you can. If you can’t find a paid opportunity, internships are the way to go. They help you put the foot in the door and you can show your skills. Many interns get hired, so it makes sense to pursue this approach.

Practice as much as possible

Software testing is one of those skills that you need to improve as much as possible. Constantly working on software projects is a great way to show your skills and improve your resume. You can try free work opportunities too, as long as they can be used as an example on your portfolio.

Find jobs online

There are lots of great opportunities for software testers. For example, you can go on the software tester path as a QA analyst at first, Senior QA Analyst, and then a QA team coordinator, test manager, and senior test manager. Or you can specialize in performance testing or automated testing. One thing is certain, there are lots of job opportunities online for the desired skill levels.

On average, a software tester earns anywhere from $46000 to $75000. The number of tasks and required experience will shift your salary towards either one of those ends. That being said, software testing is a very time-consuming job, yet it can be very rewarding.


The fact that you’re working on new projects all the time is very interesting and extremely enjoyable. On the other hand, it will take time to master manual and automatic testing. Yet once you get to that point, you will have some amazing results. It’s important to prevent any rush and focus on gaining as many skills as possible in this field. As we mentioned earlier, you also need to practice a lot. Stay up to date with the latest requirements too, it can make a huge difference and you will be heavily impressed with the outcome!

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