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Applitools: A Beginner’s Guide To Successful Visual Automation

Vladimir Simonovski

Visual automation testing ensures that any change in the application that results in a different screen from the one that has been set as a baseline is tested and reported as an issue. It is a form of regression testing where screens are being saved from the application. Then these screenshots are compared with the saved ones and if any difference occurs, then an issue will be reported to the engineer. Today we’re going in-depth into the visual automation world…

What is Visual Testing and how can visual automation be helpful for the organization?

Vladimir Simonovski

If one thing can be noticed on a web application, that’s the structurally organized UI elements. Even one small visual deformity can be easily noticed. When we change the style of our app or add something new, we must be aware that it can affect the layout of the page. The impact varies on the type of change done on the application. One example is when we do a small change on our left sidebar and for some reason that…