Top 10 automation tools 2020

In this era of speed, the demand to release quality software requires a successful agile approach. And to perform this, the best automation tools or software testing tools are to be required.  As these automation tools are a crucial component in applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for more advanced test optimization.

 The top 10 Automation tools List

So without further ado, we present you with the best software testing tools available in the market.


In the world of testing automation, Selenium has been by far the most used Automation Tool in the market. Offering a lot of flexibility for its Devs and testers, this open-source tool allows users to write test scripts in major languages like C#, JAVA, Groovy, Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl and can also work on all the system environments and browsers alike. To use this tool effectively, the user must have well-advanced level programming skills. Also, it should be able to create automation frameworks and libraries that are vital for automation.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is another powerful tool for testing API, Web, mobile, and PC applications. It integrates the use of both Selenium and Appium Engines to create a unique environment for testers. Being very popular with its users and with over 600 positive reviews, Katalon Studio had also been named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice in the section of Software Test Automation.


Coming with an intuitive UI, Ranorex is a great software testing tool that comes with advanced features to identify, edit, and manage UI elements by utilizing its own experience on desktop-based test automation. The tool allows testers to integrate Selenium Grid and can support distributed testing along with parallel test executions. The latest version features enhanced Jira and TestRail reporting. Overall, it’s a  great software testing tool which has been around for many years.


TestComplete is a tool with an object recognition engine, which allows it to have a set of powerful features for mobile, web, and desktop application testing. The tool allows easy integration with all the other products of SmartBear. It allows testers to perform both keyword-driven and data-driven testing and also offers a visual record and playback settings. The GUI object recognition engine also helps to reduce any sort of issue while controlling test scripts during AUT changes.


SoapUI is the automation tool that supports both SOAP and REST services. The tool helps out with testing API and services and works great for mobile or web app testing. The tool can help to generate tests real easily using its point and click, drag-n-drop feature. It also has a pro version which adds up a more user-friendly interface and tons of advanced features like form editor, SQL query builder, Assertion wizard, and the API Explorer.

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UFT One has a great set of capabilities with a lot of advanced features like image-based detection and correction along with a convenient choice to test the application under test (AUT). It is quite a popular tool as it provides several advanced features like smart object detection and correction. It also supports generating API tests from WADL documents and has a very intuitive interface for creating, running, testing, and reporting APIs.


IBM RFT is designed to test application which is developed using different languages and technologies like Dojo, Web, .net, Kava, Visual Basic, Siebel, SAP, Adobe Flex, and PowerBuilder. The RFT offers a cool feature know as storyboard testing. This feature offers visual editing through screenshots provided in a storyboard format which is represented as test actions that can be utilized by the user to check on frequent user interface changes and avoid any sort of maintenance overhead.


Postman is another popular automation tool for API automation and developers to develop test APIs. Users can install it on any operating service or even as a browser extension. It has a comprehensive set of features and an easy to use UI which allows the user to design, debug, test, document, and publish APIs. With the release of its latest 7.2 version, this software testing tool also supports GraphQl request and schemas.


The last one on the list is an Open-Source Testing Web Automation testing framework called Watir. This tool is integrated with CI tools and has systems like cucumber that help the dev to complete the task of testing even in the continuous delivery lifecycle. All the scripts are written in Ruby Language and it also supports multiple domains.

Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca is one of those few continuous test running platforms that can offer comprehensive toolset. This tool comes with a lot of features like dashboards, integrations, analytics, and distributed execution that helps in supporting continuous integration and DevOps practices. The tool can easily be integrated to perform API tests over browsers, mobile devices, and platforms. It also offers a nice set of test reporting for the Developers.


So there you have it, these are currently the top 10 Automation tools running at the top of the automation ladder in 2020. Each of these Automation tools has its own perks and their own environment to work on. It just depends on your taste and usability on which of these lets you feel more comfortable to execute testing.

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