Top 5 Test Management Tools

If you want to improve the way you test software, it makes sense to rely on the best test management tools. These can help you improve the way you work, and you can adapt and adjust everything so you can obtain the utmost value and results. Ideally you want to work with test management tools that are dependable, reliable, easy to adapt to your needs, and fully customizable.


Zephyr Test Management Tool
Zephyr Test Management Tool

This is one of the top test management tools especially if you use the agile approach. You get comprehensive integration with Bamboo, Jenkins, JIRA, and many others. You also have data center deployment options, as well as server and cloud deployment support. We also like this tool because there’s no annual commitment, which is really handy, and you also get an advanced dashboard and analytics solution.


PractiTest Test Management Tool

You can use this tool as often as you want and it will provide you with amazing features and solutions. You get third party integration with automation tools and bug trackers. They even allow you to identify duplicates so you won’t work twice on the same stuff. You can also reuse tests for different products or releases. The support is great, the dashboard and reports are stunning, and you have all the customization you need.


SpiraTest Test Management Tool

A lot of people use SpiraTest because it helps bring in outstanding quality assurance solutions. They are very professional and dependable, not to mention it has complete traceability, test case management, automated and exploratory testing support, customizable solutions, documentation as well as bug tracking. Having all of these in a single place is a godsend and it will bring in outstanding results in the long term.


qTest Test Management Tool

When you use qTest, you will have access to some of the best solutions for the QA and agile teams. This is a very dependable, scalable solution that has complete HIRA support. You’re also getting integration, reporting, test case repository, defect tracking, and test execution. With its help you can obtain tremendous results and the value is outstanding because of that.


TestPad Test Management Tool

There are many test management tools out there, but TestPad stands out just because it’s so adaptable to your needs and very simplistic. You have test plans that are inspired by checklists. In addition, you can invite guest testers if you want, you can implement new tests during the testing process, you also have drag and drop organization for the test plans, a keyboard-driven editor as well as lightweight integration with most issue trackers.


All these test management tools are very helpful if you want to improve your workflow and save time. Thanks to such test management tools you will have no problem improving your work in a professional manner. You should consider giving any of these tools a try because they are very dependable, they always update with great features and help any tester’s workflow. Check them out today and see which one suits your needs the most.

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